Our Curriculum


NIC Curriculum
The Early Years Program (EYP) at NIC will deliver an integrated curriculum, founded upon the teaching and learning principles relative to the globally-renowned International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).
Over the past year, the Faculty has been busy researching, designing, developing and practicing delivery of the program of study for each of the five levels (Pre-K – Grade 2) being introduced for the initial term (2013-14) at NIC. Themed units of participation will be employed to engage the children through an inquiry-based teaching/learning approach, whereby students are encouraged to curiously explore, pose problems and seek solutions.
Curricular Partners in the integrated process include:
•    Peaceful School International
•    Green School International
•    Habits of Mind Curriculum
•    Personal Character/Ethics Building Curriculum
•    Garden-Themed Curricula
•    Aquarium-Themed Curricula
•    The Optimistic Child Program
•    Hedaya Program

The theme approach facilitates greater levels of student motivation while also enriching and strengthening the quality of student learning.

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