School Cafeteria

Food directly affects students' health, learning and lifetime wellness habits. We place a high priority on school food policy because we recognize its power to boost students’ concentration, focus and cognitive function. Nutritious food helps students develop lifelong healthy eating habits. It also contributes to a culture of wellness at school, reinforcing nutrition education messages from teachers.


Our cafeteria provides our students with the best food quality and healthy choices.


  • PYP 1, 2, 3: Ready-made lunchbox menu or use the coupons
  • PYP 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Could buy from the cafeteria using their own pocket money (students are responsible for their money)
  • Coupons will be available at gate 5 during dismissal time from 2.45-3.15 p.m. and at gate 1 from 3.15 -3.30
  • The cafeteria will be responsible of collecting the coupons at early morning and sending the required items to classes
  • Please note that ready-made lunchbox is available for all ages! Parents should order it on monthly or weekly basis at gate 5 and directly from the cafeteria


The school cafeteria is well equipped and certified from The Egyptian Ministry of health.





It was proven that the kind of food we eat; significantly affects our physical, psychological and mental health. So, please make sure that you send healthy food with your child every day.


Healthy foods can be:

-          Fresh fruits and vegetables.

-          Bread, pizza, pasta, rice and/or cereal.

-          Milk or yogurt

-          Protein products (tuna, chicken, kofta, eggs …..). Please avoid sending boiled eggs.

-          Fresh juice or sugar free juice.

-          Water

-          Popcorn

-          Nuts

-          Pretzels& cracks


Please note that chocolate, sweets, chips, pre-packed foods are all not allowed. And please note that if the teacher found unhealthy food with the child; she will remove it from the lunch box and keep it at the reception, so you can pick it up any time. Food at the reception will be discarded on weekly basis if not picked up by the parents.


If all the food in the child’s lunchbox is not healthy; we will replace it with healthy food from our cafeteria. A note will be written in the channel book with the replacement and its cost in the student’s channel book.


Note: We keep encouraging our students to take good care of themselves. If your child prepared his lunch box with you (cut the vegetables, spread the cheese ….etc), he will learn to take responsibility for his health and he will be more willing to finish his meal.