Professional Development

NIC believes that professional development is one of the key tools to achieving high quality standards of education. We support our academic and non-academic staff with different types of professional development through collaboration, in-house trainings provided by qualified school leaders or outsourced experts, IB accredited online and face to face workshops….etc. We are guided by the following:

PD Principles: 

  • Teachers are continuous learners.
  • Focused and needs-driven professional development programs provide optimum opportunities for professional growth and the building of leadership capacity among staff.
  • Professional learning is collaborative, involving reflection and feedback.  

 Our purpose is:

  • To maintain a collaborative culture where teams share understanding, knowledge and experience in order to deepen learning and to foster a mutual understanding of effective practice in a PYP classroom.
  • To keep NIC staff up to date with new ideas, methodologies and resources.
  • To explore areas the whole school has determined as a current focus. 
  • To facilitate different professional development opportunities held by competent, experienced teachers, school leaders or an expert sourced from outside the school.