The PYP Classroom

The philosophy of the PYP is applied in the classroom activities and arrangements.

The classroom is student centered in which students actively perform individual or group work. The teacher mentors and guides the students in their activities as needed as well as records all discussions/ activities completed by the students. The teacher acts as a facilitator, considering different needs of the students. The PYP classroom is active and students are encouraged to collaborate and take initiatives and they work freely in different settings.

Physical Environment in a PYP Classroom

  • Classroom space is inviting and stimulating.
  • Displays of students' work demonstrate achievement and ongoing learning and inquiry.
  • The   layout  of  the   room   enables   students  to   move  easily   between   spaces appropriate to different activities.
  • Resources  (books,   math   manipulatives,  computers)  are  easily  accessible  and respected by students. Student Learning in a PYP Classroom
  • Inquirers whose natural curiosity have been nurtured and hence are empowered to feel responsible, show initiative and take action.
  • Learners are involved in meaningful and engaging activities appropriate to their knowledge, experience, and language skills.
  • Learners are involved in planning and assessing their own learning.

Teacher Strategies in a PYP Classroom

  • Facilitate open-ended  inquiry and  real-life  investigations,  encouraging student initiative in choice of resources and appropriate means of expressions.
  • Use a range and appropriate balance of teaching and grouping strategies, switching flexibility between individual, group, and whole class work.
  • Demonstrate high expectations of students.
  • Facilitate a balanced emphasis between the pursuit of understanding and the acquisition of knowledge and essential skills.
  • Use a range of assessment and self-assessment strategies with students.

Use of Programme of Inquiry in PYP Classroom

  • The teachers and students are clear about the central idea and questions driving inquiry of the relevant IB planner.
  • Ongoing student questions are valued and explored.