Oxford leveled reading program

Oxford leveled reading program

  • One of the most important objectives for us at NIC is promoting an "Independent Reader "since that every child is unique and creative in their own way.
  • Therefore we have a Leveled Reading Program; for all PYP Grades.
  • Students attend two sessions per week, in which we offer a Guided Reading session for below achievers until they reach the Independent Level of reading.
  • At the beginning of every Academic year the reading teacher had individual assessment for each student, after which students were grouped accordingly.

Reading teachers send Leveled books home for PYP 4 to PYP 8 only as we feel that by this age students are aware of "How to hold and handle a book".

Students are asked to read independently at home and self-assess his\her reading every day, by coloring in or tick the suitable face attached in their" Reading Record Booklet"

Parents role:

Parents are only asked to sign in the Diary after listening to their children and can record any comments they have about their child's reading there.

Meanwhile we mention to parents the following: (Please make sure you don't correct your child, just show your support by listening to his\her reading).