Learning Outcomes

NIC as an IB school applies a mini exhibition for all PYP levels. This is called the learning outcome. So each grade will gain new experiences and skills. Teachers choose to perform 2 learning outcomes per grade level every year. Criteria of choice will be according to the most unit with different discipline integration in order to have the ultimate integration and collaborative work.

At the end of each unit, students get the chance to communicate the conceptual understandings, skills, and knowledge which they grasped throughout the unit. Students get an authentic process to communicate their understandings and thinking, reflect on their learning process, assess work produced by themselves and others, and use representative examples of their own work to provide information about their own learning. It's an amazing experience shared between parents and students, as parents get the opportunity to see evidence of students' learning experiences, development, and needs. "Student Initiated Action" is also a result of the different learning outcomes where students get the chance to demonstrate how they can take action as a result of their learning.

The learning outcome enables students to:

  • Increase their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth: They are able to see themselves as individuals with various skills and abilities, some more developed than others, and understand that they can make choices about how they wish to move forward.
  • Undertake new challenges: A new challenge may be an unfamiliar activity, or an extension to an existing one.
  • Work collaboratively with others.
  • Show perseverance and commitment in their activities: At a minimum, this implies sharing regularly and accepting a share of the responsibility.
  • Engage with issues of global importance: Students may be presenting an international project and acting upon it locally or nationally.
  • Develop new skills: As with new challenges, new skills may be shown in activities that the student has not previously undertaken.