NIC strives to accept all qualified applicants throughout the year. Admission shall not be rejected because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religious beliefs.

Admissions decisions are made by the admissions Committee , comprised of the school head, the PYP coordinator, school counsellor and admissions manager. Additional members of staff will also be consulted.

Admission Procedures:

Step 1:

 - Fill in an application for each child applying (a recent photo and previous school reports are required) 

Step 2:

- The admissions office will set an appointment for an admissions assessment and a parent interview. A notification will be sent to parents through phone call or e-mail within two weeks of application date.

- In case of not attending scheduled appointment without prior notification your child application will be CANCELLED and a new appointment will be set with new timing.

Step 3:

- Parents are requested to pay the assessment fees on the appointed date. Assessment fees are non-refundable.

Admission Assessment:

- Assessments take place to ensure that the student can meet the academic standards required by NIC for the same grade level or age group applied for.

-Assessment takes around one hour where the student will be observed by the school counsellor among a group of students of the same age group to assess applicant social and communication skills.

-A teacher from the same grade level will conduct an assessment for language arts, math and Arabic (for students applying for grade 2 till grade 5) to ensure that the student is ready to meet the academic standards of NIC.

- For students applying for preschool till KG2: Parents are welcomed to accompany students during assessment.

- For students applying for Grade 1 till Grade 5:  Parents are requested to wait for students in assigned waiting area until they are done with their assessment.

Parent interview:

As NIC believes that learning is partnership among home, school and community; an interview is conducted with the applicant's parents by the school head to align parents with the NIC philosophy, mission and vision to ensure that the school and parents are aligned with the same approach for education and student well-being.

-Upon completing the admissions assessment, cases of students with special needs or learning difficulties will be reviewed. Should the school have the capacity to serve their needs , they will be accepted with individualized plan designed for them .

Step 4:

An e-mail will be sent to parents through admission office within two weeks of assessment in case of acceptance, denial, waiting list or reassessment.

Step 5:

Registration fees along with the 1st instalment should be paid within 2 weeks of acceptance date. (A place will be reserved for your child for only 2 weeks, after which, he/she will be put on waiting list according to availability.) 

Step 6:

Parents are requested to submit the below documents before their child joins NIC: 

  • 4 Recent photos 
  • Original Birth Certificate / copy of Passport (for foreigners) 
  • Copy of latest report card from previous school 
  • Copy of parents' ID's 
  • Medical reports (if applicable) 
  • Immunization card 
  • In case transferred from school inside Egypt, 

For KG2 and Gr 1: A transfer request from previous school (4 papers, original & stamped) and enrolment statement from educational zone related to previous school area. 

Starting Gr 2: Transfer request from previous school (4 papers, original & stamped) and a PASS statement from educational zone related to previous school area. 

In case of transfer from a school outside Egypt, the latest certificate must be stamped from the Egyptian consulate abroad, and from the ministry of foreign affairs [documentation office]. 

For any further inquiry, please don’t be hesitated to contact our admission office at 01068753918 
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
School No: 01154248888 - 01223245267 
The school reserves the right to make all final decisions on student placemen


Grade Min Acceptance Age (By Oct 1st)
Pre-K / PYP 1 2.9 yrs
KG1 / PYP 2 3.9 yrs
KG2 / PYP 3 4.6 yrs
Grade 1 / PYP 4 5.6 yrs
Grade 2 / PYP 5 6.6 yrs
Grade 3 / PYP 6 7.6 yrs
Grade 4 / PYP 7 8.6 yrs
Grade 5 / PYP 8 9.6 yrs